NanoGrip’s Commitment to Quality Surpasses Federal Regulations

According to the National Safety Council there are 9 million disabling slip/fall
injuries every year, that’s 25,000 each day. This accounts for 95 million lost
workdays per year. The expense amounts to about 3.5 million dollars per hour
every day of the year. Human suffering, time lost, escalating Workmen’s
Compensation and liability insurance, as well as lawyer’s fees have prompted the
federal government to address this tremendous problem. Recently enacted federal legislation provides the potential for enormous fines for businesses with injuries due to slip and fall accidents.

A reduction or prevention in employee slip and fall accidents will provide substantial reductions in workers’ compensation costs. If an organization is self insured, the elimination or substantial decrease in accidents will result in a net gain. With third party insurance, savings can come in the form of reduced premiums and/or rebates. Even though slip and falls are the number one employee accident in most industries, it is important to note that many other injuries are often a result of a slip.

Higher Returns than Investments

By proactively engaging in a loss control program to prevent slip and falls, a company can demonstrate “reasonable care” of workers, guests and patrons. The result is the ability to protect the company and individual employees from large, potentially damaging claims of negligence in providing a safe working and public environment. An IntellaTread floor will exceed recommended Federal safety Standards (link) Plus, it has been reported that the savings realized by the lack of slip and falls has been higher than the cost of the service.

Saves on Legal Costs!

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides that all businesses must maintain their floors in slip proof condition. Failure to comply results in possible fines, higher commercial insurance and Worker’s Compensation, plus needless human suffering. Businesses are eligible for tax credits and tax deductions after installing an IntellaTread surface.

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